I am

a doctoral student in Learning Sciences @ Northwestern’s School of Education & Social Policy

a member of the Delta Lab @ the Segal Design Institute

I do

design-based research to understand how to best teach youth from non-dominant communities to use journalism to engage in participatory politics & advocate for themselves & their communities | my advisors are Dr. Matthew Easterday & Dr. Eva Lam

I also

graduated from the Medill School of Journalism with a master of science in journalism in 2012

completed an in-depth investigation of healthcare and the National Guard with the Medill National Security Journalism Project | my work was published in the Washington Post

completed the News21 fellowship in 2011 | created a multi-media report on educating young migrant workers

was formerly an English/Language Arts teacher | with Teach for America | in the Rio Grande Valley

You can

find my past reporting on education, national security, music, and cows on the left

someday find my doctoral work here as I move forward in my academic career


Oh, and this site is currently under construction. I apologize for any dead links. It’s getting there, I promise! -GS 09/16/14